Productivity Training Videos

Search Builder

SplendidCRM has a powerful Search Builder that works very much like the popular Internet search engines. The Search Builder allows you to use boolean operators such as AND, OR and NOT.

Time: 5:48

Editions: All


In areas where a value is selected from a popup, it is often useful to have the system auto-complete the name as the user types.

Time: 1:43

Editions: All


The SplendidCRM home page is driven by a number of little dashboard controls.These controls can be added, removed and customized by each user.

Time: 1:49

Editions: All

Rules Wizard

The Rules Wizard allows you to define rules that are applied to a specified module.

Time: 3:03

Editions: All

Dynamic Target Lists

A Dynamic Target List is a list that uses a query to determine who is in the list.

Time: 1:39

Editions: Professional and Enterprise

Show SQL

Displaying the SQL can be helpful when debugging security-related issues.This topic will demonstrate how to enable the Show SQL System Setting.

Time: 2:21

Editions: All