Plug-Ins & Extensions Training Videos


SplendidCRM supports Mail-Merge using a Word Plug-in. The plug-in is an important tool as it makesit easy to add CRM fields to a document. Once the document is formatted properly, the plug-in is usedto upload the document to the CRM.

Time: 2:58

Editions: Professional and Enterprise

Configuring Extensions

We created the Browser Extensions as alternatives to the SplendidCRM Plug-in for Outlook.This video was created to demonstrate how to configure the browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera.

Time: 3:35

Editions: Professional and Enterprise

Chrome Extensions

We created the Browser Extension for Chrome as an alternative to the SplendidCRM Plug-in for Outlook.The goal was to make it easy to archive Gmail messages to the CRM using an extension to the Chromeweb browser.

Time: 4:57

Editions: Professional and Enterprise