Offline Client Training Videos

HTML5 Offline Client

The new HTML5 standard has opened up a new way for us to create an offline client for SplendidCRM.With help from our new REST API and our data-driven architecture, we were able to recreate the CRM user interface entirely in JavaScript.

What this means is that the CRM user can selectively cache records for offline use. And, since this is all done in HTML5, it will run on the current versions of all the major web browsersincluding Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera. It also means that it will run on the iPad and the Android tablets.

By implementing in HTML5, nothing is installed on the client machines.

Time: 3:27

Editions: All

Windows Offline Client

The SplendidCRM Offline Client should look and behave just like the server CRM.There is a separate Client Login that will allow background synchronization with the server CRM.

Time: 5:59

Editions: Enterprise