Customization Training Videos

Custom Fields

The ability to add a custom field is critical to any CRM.This video will demonstrate how to create a custom field and to add it to the layout views.

Time: 5:05

Editions: All

Image Custom Fields

SplendidCRM has the ability to manage custom fields that display images.This video will demonstrate how to create the custom field to contain the imageand to add the image to the various layout views.

Time: 4:40

Editions: All

Customized Search

The Search Panels at the top of each module or popup can be customized by the administrator using the Field Layout Editor.

Time: 1:56

Editions: All

Business Rules

Business Rules are applied at the User Interface level. With the rules engine, you can create rules that modify the entry form fields at various levels of the processing of the form.

Time: 2:10

Editions: All

Custom Paging

SplendidCRM was designed to perform equally well with thousands of records as it does with hundreds of thousands of records. However, if you database does contain hundreds of thousands of records, you will want to enable Custom Paging.

Time: 3:02

Editions: All