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We have published the beta release source code of our .NET 6 Core implementations.


We have published beta release builds of our .NET 6 Core implmentations on Docker Hub for quick evaluations/installations.
Create Enterprise apps quickly with Splendid App Builder
We started with the well tested SplendidCRM and removed all the CRM parts. What was left was a generic enterprise application builder.
Enterprise Requirements
An enterprise has a much higher set of requirements than your typical organization


Beyond username/password, an enterprise may require Windows Authentication, Active Directory Federation Services or Azure Active Directory.


An enterprise needs to support multiple languages, time zones and currencies simultaneously.

Access Rights

An enterprise has groups of people that play different roles or are on different teams. Access and permissions can get very complex.

Runtime Customizations

An enterprise needs to be able to customize at design time as well as run time.

Server and Mobile

An enterprise needs to be able to run the same application/code on the server and on mobile devices.

Database Management

An enterprise needs to manage more than just tables in a database. They typically need complex logic and a reliable deployment method. They typically have development, QA and production databases and they follow a detailed testing plan for each release.

What's New

New Features to All Platforms

Pacific Theme

A new theme with an updated layout.

React Client

A complete re-write of the front end using the facebook React framework. The goal is to allow a single set of source code customizations to run on all platforms (i.e. desktop, Android an iPhone).

Data Archive

The records in the core modules can be archived to reduce the lists and increase performance.

Dynamic Mass Update

Mass update panels can now be dynamically defined using EditView layout engine.

Enterprise Features

Dynamic Assignments

Records can now be assigned to multiple users.


Synchronization with popular 3rd-party Email Marketing and Automation services including Pardot®, MailChimp® and IBM® Watson Campaign Automation.

Professional and Enterprise Features

Team Hierarchy

The parent-child relationship of teams can be used to control visibility of records.

Office 365 Integration

Exchange synchronization now applies to Office 365/Outlook.com.

Module Archive Rules

Rules can be defined to automate the archival of module data that meets a specified criteria.

Survey Lead Generation

New lead, contact or target records can be created from the survey submission in both online and offline mode.

Enterprise and Ultimate Features

Data Privacy

Manage data privacy requests in order to support the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


A new chat system that provides a quick way to communicate regarding related items. We are using the ASP.NET SignalR for live updates when messages are posted.

Mobile Client Native Application

The new Mobile Client provides a fast and efficient way to access the CRM. The new client uses the mobile views for simplified layouts and provides a quick way to chat.

Data De-duplication

Duplicate records are checked as a record is saved, with the ability to ignore the duplicate warning.


ASP.NET SignalR is a library that allows real-time bi-directional communications between web browser and web server.

Twilio® Integration

Text Messaging is a new activity that users can perform across the CRM. The Twilio service allows the users to send and receive SMS messages in real-time.

Enhanced Twitter® Integration

Tweets can now be sent directly from the CRM and they can be imported and archived in the CRM.


Deleted records can be searched and undeleted in the admin panel.

HTML5 Calendar

New calendar clearly displays events across many hours.

Recurring Calls and Meetings

Events can be set to recurring daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.


Popup reminders and email reminders are now supported for calls and meetings.

Updated HTML5 Offline Client

Updates include major performance enhancements, relationship panels and multi-panel layouts.