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Price: $25/user/month
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Price: $300/user (minimum 10 users)
Platform: SQL Server 2005, 2008 or 2012
Support: 12-months of major and minor upgrades

Key Features

ASP.NET SignalR support
  • ASP.NET SignalR is a library that allows real-time bi-directional communications between web browser and web server.
  • When possible, SignalR will use the HTML5 WebSocket transport, but will fallback to Long Polling, Server Send Events, or Forever Frames.

Twilio® Integration
  • Twilio is a service that allows Text messaging into an application.
  • Text messages can be sent from the CRM through Twilio to any SMS enabled phone.
  • Text messages can be received by the CRM and the message can be forward to the web browser in real-time using the SignalR library.
  • Text messages are logged and tracked as an activity for an Account, Contact or Lead.

Twitter® Integration
  • Tweets can be sent directly from the CRM to Twitter.
  • Tweets can be searched in real-time and imported into the CRM.

Twitter® Tracking
  • Multiple tracks can be defined and logged in the CRM.
  • Tweets can be send in real-time to the web browser.
  • Tweets can be associated with the appropriate Account, Contact or Lead.

Asterisk® Integration
  • Asterisk is an open-source IP PBX.
  • Outgoing Calls can be initiated from the CRM by clicking on an icon next to a phone number.
  • Incoming Calls are monitored and a real-time popup is sent to the web browser for the CRM user of the phone extension.
  • Incoming and outgoing Calls are saved and associated with the appropriate Account, Contact or Lead.

PayTrace® Integration
  • PayTrace is a payment processing gateway that allows merchants to process Level II and Level III transactions.
  • Use of Level II and Level III data allows transactions to qualify for the lowest possible processing rate.

  • Deleted records can be undeleted in the admin panel.
  • Undelete includes restoring relationships.
  • Deleted records can be search by name, module, date, user or audit token.

  • Create surveys with radio buttons, checkboxes, dropdown menus, text boxes.
  • Create rating scales, matrixes and demographic questions.
  • Share questions across surveys.
  • Import and export surveys.
  • Randomize questions or pages.
  • Validate text responses.
  • View live results from surveys.
  • Quickly add a survey to an email and track responses by contact, lead or target.

HTML5 Calendar
  • New calendar clearly displays events across many hours.
  • Events can be dragged around calendar to change start time and enlarged to increase duration.
  • Google holidays can be automatically added to the calendar.
  • All day events can be created in the calendar.

Recurring Calls and Meetings
  • Events can be set to recurring daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.
Apple iCloud Synchronization
  • CRM Contacts are bi-directionally synchronized with iCloud Contacts.
  • CRM Calls and Meetings bi-directionally synchronized with iCloud Calendar.
HTML5 Offline Client
  • The new offline client provides access to the data on tablets such as the iPad or the Android.
  • The offline client can view, edit and create records while online or while offline without the need to install software.
  • The JavaScript source code for the offline client uses the new REST API and is included.

HTML5 Charts
  • The new charting module provides a quick way to create column, bar, line and pie charts.
  • Charts can be created online or created using the Microsoft Report Builder.
  • HTML5 Charts leverage jQuery and jqPlot.
Browser Extensions
  • The new browser extensions make it easy to archive Gmail messages to SplendidCRM.
  • The browser extensions allow account, contact or leads to be quick created in the CRM.
  • Browser extensions created for Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera.
  • The JavaScript source code for the browser extensions use the new REST API and is included.

Report Parameters Prompt
SplendidCRM now prompts for report parameters. In previous versions, the report parameters needed to be provided in the URL. The prompt is also provided when the report is added as a dashlet.

Mail-Merge with Word Plug-in
SplendidCRM supports Mail-Merge using a Word Plug-in. The plug-in is an important tool as it makes it easy to add CRM fields to a document. Once the document is formatted properly, the plug-in is used to upload the document to the CRM.

Google Apps Sync
Enabling Google Apps Synchronization makes it easy to ensure that all your users have the latest contact and appointment information at their fingertips.

Rules Wizard
A new Rules Wizard provides a simple way to modify a collection of records within a module. Rules can be applied in an If-Then-Else construct using a simple programming language.

Business Rules
A new Business Rules Engine allows an administrator to apply rules to EditView, DetailView GridView and layouts. The rules can be applied prior to the form rendering to initialize values and rules can be applied during the save operation to validate the field data.

Report Rules
A new Report Rules Engine allows rules to be applied to reports prior to rendering to allow for calculated fields.

Report Dashlets
Reports can now be added as a Dashlet on the home page. Reports with embedded charts can also be included. To add a report to the home page, you simply click the Add As Dashlet link in the Reports List.

Report as Attachment
One of our most requested Professional features is the ability to send a report as an attachment. This allows a Quote, Order or Invoice to be easily sent as an attachment to a contact in the CRM.

Exchange 2007/2010 Synchronization
This server-to-server approach to synchronizing the CRM with Exchange Server 2007/2010 is the most efficient and easiest way to ensure that critical business emails get into the CRM.

In addition to synchronizing contacts and appointments, SplendidCRM will create drop folders that simplify the process of archiving an email in the CRM.

ACT! import
A number of customers have requested that we make it easier to import data from ACT! 6. In this release, we allow you to import an entire ACT! 6 backup file and the CRM will import all the contacts, including the related notes and activities.
Usability Enhancement
  • Toolbar - The toolbar is always visible and allows quick creation of the most important items. The toolbar is also context sensitive, so it will create the necessary and appropriate relationships.

Usability Enhancement
  • New Menu - The new menu combines module-specific actions along with the most recently viewed items.

  • Inline Editing - When in a popup and searching for an Account, you can now create a new account without leaving the popup. When viewing the details of an Account, you can now create a new Contact without leaving the Account.
  • AJAX AutoComplete - We have applied the industry standard approach of auto-complete to our search boxes and selection dialogs.

  • Admin Delegation - Admin features can now be delegated to non-admin users to allow control over the administrative functions.
Optimized for the Cloud
SplendidCRM has been optimized to run on the Microsoft Windows Azure platform and the Microsoft SQL Azure database. Try out our demo at Use will/will to login.
Enhanced Windows support
All versions of SplendidCRM have been tested on the latest Microsoft operating systems, including:
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Server 2012
  • Windows Server 2008 R2
  • Windows Azure
All versions of SplendidCRM have been tested using the latest Microsoft database servers, including:
  • SQL Server 2012
  • SQL Server 2008 R2
  • SQL Azure