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 2/12/2012 4:40 PM

I am unable to get auto-response working correctly. Here is how I've configured SplendidCRM Community 5.5.4424.26771. It's running on Windows Server 2008 & IIS 7.

  1. I created an IMAP email account...
  2. I created an Email Template in SplendidCRM Community edition... Info Response
  3. I created a MAILBOX (Admin, Inbound Email, Create Mailbox)... Info
  4. In the Autoreply field I specified my template, Info Response
  5. I filled in "From Name" and "From Email Address"
  6. Once the mailbox was created, I tested it by clicking "Check Mail." It worked
  7. From another email account, I sent an email.
  8. I went to Admin, Scheduler and clicked "Run" on the "Check Inbound Mail Messages" task.
  9. My Lead was created automatically, but there was no reply to my original email message.

I would have expected a response to be emailed back to the sender. It should have included the text that I specified in the Info Response template which I created in step 4.

Question: Does this task work in Community Edition? I also plan to use it in Enterprise (but have not yet tested). Where is the code that deals with the auto-reply. Since it runs in the background, I'm not sure where to find it. It was not obvious to me. Any help would be appreciated.

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 2/12/2012 5:16 PM

Not sure why you are having a problem, but the place to look for a solution is in spEMAILS_InsertInbound.3.sql. Toward the bottom, you will see the logic to insert into the INBOUND_EMAIL_AUTOREPLY table.

The first step in debugging is to see if records are indeed getting inserted into INBOUND_EMAIL_AUTOREPLY. If not, then the solution is in this stored procedure. If a record is getting created, then look at vwEMAILMAN_Send as to why the auto reply is not being generated.

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 2/13/2012 10:45 AM

Unfortunately, there are two issues...

FIRST, There is an error in spEMAILS_InsertInbound. @FILTER_DOMAIN is not handled correctly. Here's the fix.


In the following line I've also done the same with @ACTIVITY_TYPE. Modify the check for IS NULL to the following


After adding this fix, records are properly added to INBOUND_EMAIL_AUTOREPLY and EMAILMAN.

SECOND, the pollOutboundEmails task is not sending auto-reply emails scheduled by spEMAILS_InsertInbound. This is a bigger problem. The notes at the end of spEMAILS_InsertInbound read as follows: To have an auto-reply we just need to insert the inbound record and the auto-reply record. The rest is automatic. This is not the case. The failure to send stems from the view vwEMAILS_ReadyToSend. It doesn't check either one of the tables updated in the upstream process. It looks to me like pollOutboundEmails needs some additional logic.

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 2/13/2012 9:26 PM

There certainly was a bug with the FILTER_DOMAIN, but since most do not this field, it is not the core problem. The main reason why auto-replies are not working is that there was a missing view vwAUTOREPLY_Edit. Once we added this view, the auto-reply feature worked.

One important note is that the auto-reply logic uses the Mass Campaign scheduled event. By default, this event is only run every hour. You may want to change this event to run every 10 minutes.

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