A Leader in Video-based IT Certification Training adopts SplendidCRM on PostgreSQL platform


Benefit Highlights

·        Leverages existing PostgreSQL installation

·        Allows tight integration with existing systems

·        Based on C#

·        Runs on Linux via Mono



Company Profile

Founded in 1999, CBT Nuggets is the leader in video-based IT certification training. They provide comprehensive training for certification exams from Microsoft, CompTIA, Cisco, and many other professional certification vendors. The training offers technical accuracy in conjunction with real-world analogies to promote understanding for beginners and experts alike.


Business Challenge

CBT Nuggets is in the process of migrating to a single development language, C#, from an existing system that is comprised of Perl, classic ASP, ActionScript and C.  With a single language, developers can program for the web using ASP.NET, program media and presentations with Silverlight and maintain the code running on the Microsoft streaming and DRM servers.  Open-source tools and applications are at the heart of their internal integration efforts.  Providing truly seamless application integration, access and the ability to modify source code is crucial.  SugarCRM was a compelling possibility, but its reliance on PHP would prevent the single development language goal.


Open-source is not just a language or platform choice. Open-source is a way for organizations to combine their development efforts and become stronger and more efficient in areas they do not compete. Technology companies can pay for open-source by contributing back code and integration efforts. Non-technology companies can contribute with feature requests, bug reports, advertising views and by directly sponsoring feature development.


Situation Overview

Enter SplendidCRM, the Microsoft-centric, open-source, CRM solution that allowed CBT Nuggets to achieve its seamless application integration requirements.  From day one, SplendidCRM met the C#/ASP.NET requirement, but a little extra effort was needed to support the PostgreSQL platform.


While SplendidCRM has supported numerous database platforms, including SQL Server, Oracle, DB2 and MySQL, PostgreSQL was a new requirement.  But the design of SplendidCRM allowed this new database platform to be added in just a couple of weeks.


Support for ASP.NET on Linux was another critical requirement.  SplendidCRM runs on Linux via the open-source project Mono.  Sponsored by Novell, Mono provides the necessary software to develop and run .NET client and server applications on Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X, Windows and Unix.  The most impressive feature of Mono is that it allows binary files generated by Visual Studio to run on Linux with copy-deployment.



“With the CRM and our primary business schema residing in the same database, we are confident that the integration process will be greatly simplified.  We have the added efficiency of the CRM and our primary business applications running on the same physical servers under the same architecture,” said Stephen Jazdzewski, Director of Software Development of CBT Nuggets, LLC.  “We hope to set an example to other companies who need the flexibility of OpenSource with the stability of Novell and Microsoft Technologies.”