Dec 27

Written by: Paul Rony
12/27/2009 1:11 AM 

Along with the transition to VS 2008, we are also deploying our Professional and Enterprise products with SQL Server 2008 Express.
Your first question may be, "why did it take so long?"  Well, the problem is not Visual Studio 2008, but with deploying a .NET 3.5 solution.  Even though we love the .NET development platform, we hate writing the deployment application.  It would seem that the new the technology, the harder it is to deploy.  So, we have been resisting the move to VS 2008 and SQL 2008.
We were motivated to move to .NET 3.5 to take advantage of the latest ReportViewer, currently under beta in Visual Studio 2010.  This new viewer will be a major step forward and we wanted to take advantage of it immediately.  There was no real need to move to SQL 2008, but since we were already installing .NET 3.5, it seemed like a good idea.
We are currently testing SplendidCRM 4.1 and will be publishing it very soon.