Press Release November 13, 2013

SplendidCRM Releases Version 8.0 with Bi-Directional Real-Time Communications

Raleigh, NC (November 13, 2013) -- SplendidCRM Software, Inc., a pioneering provider of Microsoft-centric Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions, has released version 8.0 with a focus on bi-directional real-time communications using the HTML5 WebSocket protocol.

SplendidCRM Software started adding HTML5 features several years ago with a charting module that leverages the new graphics features of the HTML5 standard. Next was an HTML5 Offline Client that uses the new local storage features, an HTML5-based Calendar replacement, followed by various drag-and-drop admin enhancements. "It is the new WebSocket feature of the HTML5 standard that has the greatest potential to change the way applications are written," said Paul Rony, President of SplendidCRM Software.

With the help of ASP.NET SignalR library from Microsoft®, it is now very easy to establish a bi-directional real-time communications between server and browser. The SplendidCRM Community Edition customers can receive instant Text message notifications in the browser via integration with the Twilio® SMS messaging service. The SplendidCRM Professional and Enterprise Edition customers can receive instant incoming call notifications via integration with the Asterisk® PBX system. The SplendidCRM Professional and Enterprise Edition customers can also setup Twitter® tracking to monitor or archive tweets as well as display them on the home page in real-time.

Another significant feature is an entirely new Survey module, so CRM users can now survey customers and track the results. Surveys can include the typical types of questions such as single-choice, multiple-choice, rating, ranking and textboxes. Enterprise customers can take surveys even further by generating workflows around the survey responses.

SplendidCRM 8.0 has also been integrated with PayTrace® so that customers can take advantage of the lower Level II and Level III credit card transaction rates. Level III processing is achieved by including line item data in the transaction.

About SplendidCRM Software, Inc.
Founded in 2005, SplendidCRM Software provides a Microsoft-centric open-source Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application that enables users to leverage their existing Microsoft infrastructure. The company is located in the Research Triangle, North Carolina, and is privately held. To learn more about SplendidCRM, email or visit

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