Jun 3

Written by: Paul Rony
6/3/2012 10:24 PM 

Over the years, we have had requests to synchronize SplendidCRM with QuickBooks. While we have done major research on the subject in the past, we put-off the project due to its complexity. But this year, things have changed. Our neighbors at RSSBus have created a library for QuickBooks that has replaced a painfully difficult QuickBooks SDK with a drop-dead simple ADO.NET provider. Progress has been excellent, as you may have already noticed by our pre-announcement on our What’s New page. In just a couple of weeks, we went from idea to full beta testing.

We encourage you to checkout the other ADO.NET data providers that RSSBus has to offer. Some of them duplicate features already included in SplendidCRM, such as, Facebook and Twitter data providers, but others are unique, such as SAP, SharePoint and OData data providers.