Apr 30

Written by: Paul Rony
4/30/2012 4:23 AM 

For this latest release, we have focused on social media. We started by creating our own libraries for LinkedIn and Twitter before we stumbled upon some really great libraries from Spring.NET. Spring.NET is actually a port of the springsource Java libraries. We quickly adopted the Spring.NET libraries but as we started working on integrating with Facebook, we found that we needed to help the Spring folks out by doing the port of Spring.Social.Facebook to .NET. All editions of SplendidCRM now include complete libraries to work with the LinkedIn REST API, the Twitter REST API and the Facebook REST API.

Just as we were about to freeze the build, we could not get pass the glaring problem of our import of only being CSV based. So we spent a couple of more days using our new Spring.NET skills to create a new library to connect to the REST API. We are very excited to be able to import data directly, verses requiring that you first export a Salesforce table to CSV.

This release also has a new Atlantic theme that combines the header and the menu to maximize space and make room for a list of favorites for each module. And, for our Professional and Enterprise customers, we have added 42 standard reports. All of the reports were created using Microsoft Report Builder, which allowed us to do some fun stuff, such as combine a graph with a table in a single report.