Dec 8

Written by: Paul Rony
12/8/2010 3:57 AM 

We have some major changes in store for 5.0.  We have integrated the Microsoft Rules Engine, that is included as part of the Windows Workflow Foundation, into our entire product line.  Our first thought was to only include the Rules Engine in our Enterprise Edition, as that is where all of our other workflow logic resides, but the features were just too compelling.
We have created a Rules Wizard that makes it very easy to apply rules to each row of a specific module.  The cool thing about the rules engine is that you can embed c# logic inside the database.  You can save the rules and re-run them at any time.
You can also create rules to run during form events, such as New, Load and Save events.  The rules engine allows you to modify both record values or form fields.  One thing you will notice is that we had to stop using the DataReader in the DetailViews and EditViews.  We had to use a DataTable and not a DataReader so that the rules engine could update the values in the DataTable.
Our Professional customers get to apply business rules to reports.  Our Enterprise customers get to use the Rules Engine to use calculated fields in a workflow.