Becoming a SplendidCRM Partner

  • With our Partner Program, you can create an integrated solution using technology that you have developed or acquired, or you can re-brand SplendidCRM as your own and sell it as a hosted or on premise installed product to your customers.
  • We support both the SaaS (hosted by you) and on premise installed models. The hosted model consists of a per user monthly fee and the on premise installed model requires only a 1 time per user license fee.
  • We offer several Editions but usually our Enterprise Edition is the product most partners choose. Once you join our Partner Program you will receive a 10 User license, along with the source code, for our Enterprise Edition. This is your internal use development license which will allow you to customize and brand the CRM package as a platform for your integrated solution
  • The Partner Program provides you with a very strong discount schedule based on the number of licenses you sell. Of course you can sell your solution for whatever you want, your cost for SplendidCRM remains fixed as a percentage of our current list prices and your discount will increase as you sell more seats.
  • Once your Partner fees have been paid, you will receive the licenses and source code. The current pricing for all of our Editions is listed under the Products menu here on our website.
  • We recommend all potential partners begin by downloading our Community Edition and letting your developer(s) take a look at the quality of the code. This can be found under the Downloads menu here on our website.
  • To evaluate the more advanced features of our Enterprise Edition you can set up an online eval by navigating here:

Contact us for more information and to receive our Systems Integrator Agreement.